November Feature — Bird Radio — London the Forest

As we draw the curtains on November we give you the final filmographization of this feature.

London the Forest as performed for the album launch, one of the many highlights of the night.

We took a serendipitous approach for this one, only allowing the footage to fall in with the pulse of the track by chance with all stock filmed in London (as you would expect).

We felt it was important not to smother the performance though, this is a tremendous song for showing you just how much Bird Radio can do with his magic little set up, it would be rude not to step back and just let him do his thing as he does it so well.

We’ve had an awful lot of fun with this first feature, the man himself has been such a gentleman bringing his own very special kind of magic with him aboard the good ship PhotograFae for the first leg of our journey.
He has many exciting journeys of his own to undertake now; as we type he is winging his way to New York City for a show and he’s told many a teasing tale of a second (and even third!!) album on their way.

If you haven’t already; sign up to his news letter (a delight dropped into your inbox) get out to see him live (surely you don’t need us to tell you again how good it will be), go buy the album- buy three!

As we said when we began the feature; we just cant get enough of Bird Radio so we might just have one or two last little treasures before the night is through… For now though, enjoy!

PhotograFae x

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