2014 update

We just thought you might like to know what we’ve been up to as we’ve not posted much recently (slap on the wrist- bad Photografae!) have no fear, the Features have not ended but we will do them a little less frequently.

During the Harmergeddon feature it became clear that there were some very ambitious ideas growing and we felt it would be best to give them time to come to fruition properly. These things are too good to rush.

In other news we have also been taken on as the Audio/Visual team for a really exciting project ‘Resting place
Lead artist, and V&A print prize winner, Dawn Cole found a beautifully extraordinary (and simultaneously ordinary) diary in a loft. It was written by Clarice Sprattling, Dawn’s great aunt and follows her on her journey to become a VAD nurse in France during the First World War.

Resting Place is a series of individual live performances taking place sporadically over two years in response to events written in the diary.

The first event is on Sunday 23rd March in Ellington Park, Ramsgate which we will be documenting on the day and creating filmographizations inspired by the performance, the diary the participants and the stories yet to unfold from this beautiful project.

We are inviting you, (yes you!) to make some bunting for the project with a message for this courageous girl heading out to help. What would you want to say to a young woman heading off to war?

Check out the page ‘On wishing her Goodbye‘ for a template and inspiration. This bunting will travel with us and the project as we honour this beautiful text.

Of course you know us, when we see wondrous things we will no doubt capture them in the barrel of the lens so keep an eye on the Filmographization and Photographization pages as this exciting year unfolds!

Much love

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