December Feature — Harmergeddon

Harmergeddon are Nathan + Fae Harmer || audio/visual/performance art duo living and working in London.
On stage they aim to highlight a strange beauty in the ‘detritus’ they use as instruments.
Playing ‘light and electricity’ Fae teases unexpected sound from old TVs, VCRs, wifi boxes and fairy lights, her set up is very much of the mindset ‘one man’s junk is the other man’s treasure’
Nathan then takes these sounds and feeds them through a number of pedals and software he has built and programmed for the purpose. He can also be found playing his own junk instruments, fridge shelves, transistor radios frying pans, the things the rest of the world dump at side of the road.

Very excitingly we have an exclusive for you with the first film of Harmergeddon’s December feature.
Never before heard ‘Both Sides Of The Conversation’ was a departure from our usual working styles in fact PhotograFae and Harmergeddon swapped creation styles for this one.
Where as we at PhotograFae would usually take a track and add layers of visual texture, this time we were to create the film first. Harmergeddon are known for taking a very meditative approach to creating sound so we decided to narrow the focus and use only a tiny portion of footage of one of their instruments.

The film was then handed to the noisemakers to add layers of sonic textures – we invited them to ‘sonographize’ if you will.

We really relished the opportunity to try something a bit different and we’re very pleased with the resulting stories this little film tells.

PhotograFae x

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1 Response to December Feature — Harmergeddon

  1. R.L. says:

    They get more impressive all the time.

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