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2014 update

We just thought you might like to know what we’ve been up to as we’ve not posted much recently (slap on the wrist- bad Photografae!) have no fear, the Features have not ended but we will do them a little less frequently.

During the Harmergeddon feature it became clear that there were some very ambitious ideas growing and we felt it would be best to give them time to come to fruition properly. These things are too good to rush.

In other news we have also been taken on as the Audio/Visual team for a really exciting project ‘Resting place
Lead artist, and V&A print prize winner, Dawn Cole found a beautifully extraordinary (and simultaneously ordinary) diary in a loft. It was written by Clarice Sprattling, Dawn’s great aunt and follows her on her journey to become a VAD nurse in France during the First World War.

Resting Place is a series of individual live performances taking place sporadically over two years in response to events written in the diary.

The first event is on Sunday 23rd March in Ellington Park, Ramsgate which we will be documenting on the day and creating filmographizations inspired by the performance, the diary the participants and the stories yet to unfold from this beautiful project.

We are inviting you, (yes you!) to make some bunting for the project with a message for this courageous girl heading out to help. What would you want to say to a young woman heading off to war?

Check out the page ‘On wishing her Goodbye‘ for a template and inspiration. This bunting will travel with us and the project as we honour this beautiful text.

Of course you know us, when we see wondrous things we will no doubt capture them in the barrel of the lens so keep an eye on the Filmographization and Photographization pages as this exciting year unfolds!

Much love

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December Feature — Harmergeddon

Harmergeddon are Nathan + Fae Harmer || audio/visual/performance art duo living and working in London.
On stage they aim to highlight a strange beauty in the ‘detritus’ they use as instruments.
Playing ‘light and electricity’ Fae teases unexpected sound from old TVs, VCRs, wifi boxes and fairy lights, her set up is very much of the mindset ‘one man’s junk is the other man’s treasure’
Nathan then takes these sounds and feeds them through a number of pedals and software he has built and programmed for the purpose. He can also be found playing his own junk instruments, fridge shelves, transistor radios frying pans, the things the rest of the world dump at side of the road.

Very excitingly we have an exclusive for you with the first film of Harmergeddon’s December feature.
Never before heard ‘Both Sides Of The Conversation’ was a departure from our usual working styles in fact PhotograFae and Harmergeddon swapped creation styles for this one.
Where as we at PhotograFae would usually take a track and add layers of visual texture, this time we were to create the film first. Harmergeddon are known for taking a very meditative approach to creating sound so we decided to narrow the focus and use only a tiny portion of footage of one of their instruments.

The film was then handed to the noisemakers to add layers of sonic textures – we invited them to ‘sonographize’ if you will.

We really relished the opportunity to try something a bit different and we’re very pleased with the resulting stories this little film tells.

PhotograFae x

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Bird Radio — Live

Just one last little late night treat.

We will round off the feature where we started, coming full circle somewhat with this exuberant live performance of ‘Who Killed Cock Robin?’. It’s as astonishing now as it was the first time we heard it!

One final shining stolen gem from the magpie’s nest.

PhotograFae x

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November Feature — Bird Radio — London the Forest

As we draw the curtains on November we give you the final filmographization of this feature.

London the Forest as performed for the album launch, one of the many highlights of the night.

We took a serendipitous approach for this one, only allowing the footage to fall in with the pulse of the track by chance with all stock filmed in London (as you would expect).

We felt it was important not to smother the performance though, this is a tremendous song for showing you just how much Bird Radio can do with his magic little set up, it would be rude not to step back and just let him do his thing as he does it so well.

We’ve had an awful lot of fun with this first feature, the man himself has been such a gentleman bringing his own very special kind of magic with him aboard the good ship PhotograFae for the first leg of our journey.
He has many exciting journeys of his own to undertake now; as we type he is winging his way to New York City for a show and he’s told many a teasing tale of a second (and even third!!) album on their way.

If you haven’t already; sign up to his news letter (a delight dropped into your inbox) get out to see him live (surely you don’t need us to tell you again how good it will be), go buy the album- buy three!

As we said when we began the feature; we just cant get enough of Bird Radio so we might just have one or two last little treasures before the night is through… For now though, enjoy!

PhotograFae x

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Bird Radio — Live

We have an exciting little exclusive for you whilst we work on the next Filmographization.
‘Rata caught the first ever performance of Bird Radio’s awesome rendition of Tom Waits’ ‘Chicago’ a few moons ago and we thought we’d let you have it just as it comes- if you haven’t seen him live yet this will hopefully show you what you’ve been missing and get you to a gig at the next possible opportunity!

Citing Waits as one of his favourite artists, “who through some form of witchcraft or alchemy turns everyday stories to gold” Bird Radio could be describing himself as on stage he creates new worlds and stories from what appears to be very little, just him, a suitcase and a flute…

Now, speaking of that flute, we particularly like the loops towards the end -he seems too be just throwing his hands at the thing yet it sounds astonishing!

We did also catch one of his own golden stories from the evening which we just might share with you before the feature’s done but for now we hope you like this little Friday treat!

PhotograFae x

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November Feature — Bird Radio — Word Migration

As we reach mid point for this month’s feature we feel it is fitting to reveal Word Migration as the next Filmographization.

Earlier in the year ‘Rata and I crossed the channel from Normandy to Sussex and as we stood out on deck, the delicate swoops of breath from the intro interlaced with the wind’s roar.

The album had not yet been released but the song resonated from a teaser performance we witnessed a year ago. We didn’t know at the time that we’d have the opportunity to filmographize such a fantastic live performance, yet we whiled away a good few hours playing with the sunset and soundtrack, halfway between countries ‘The boundaries between the lands’…

PhotograFae x

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Things that go bump in the night…

Some procrastination whilst the new filmographizations are coming along nicely in the suite. ‘Rata and I were fortunate enough to witness a ghoulish spectacle on All Hallow’s Eve. Bird Radio cut a fiendish figure on stage that night, complete with pumpkin!

We couldn’t resist capturing a few moments to share…

PhotograFae x




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November Feature — Bird Radio — Aeolian Flute

We first took notice of Bird Radio almost three years ago when a delightful video appeared of a charming character singing the most astonishing rendition of an old nursery rhyme. It was of course the fantastic ‘Who Killed Cock Robin?‘ Directed by Chiara Ambrosio.

Since then he has launched the tremendous Album The Boy and the Audience, a veritable festival of swirling emotions as this gentle soul swoops from delicate melodies to convulsions of the Devil’s roar.

We just can’t hear enough of him at the moment so it was inevitable that we would catch him in the Camerata eventually.

We shall commence the feature with one of the gentler avian airwaves; this first Filmographization is Aeolian Flute. Concocted from footage of his Album launch performance at the Cinema Museum in October this year.

Enjoy, there’s more to come… Much, much more.

PhotograFae x

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